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1st Bayridge Seafarers

*    Kingston, Ontario    *

We are members of the BPSA Ontario Scouting Organization
Affiliated with the BPSA Federation of Canada
Members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts

What Are Seafarers ?
What does it take to be a Seafarer ?

Information for New Seafarers
and Parents
Event Calendar
2019 - 2020

2018 - 2019


Sailing Equipment Lists

After School Trip
Day Trip, ending 4pm
Day Trip, ending 8pm

Members Area,    password required

Sailing Information,    Manuals,    Photographs



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Nautical Flags

Boating Course for Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Canoe Instruction

Morse Code Training Module Internet links for Seafarers Seafarer Badges

Campfire Safety I

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